More disk space for storing huge amount of multimedia and backup of essential data.

Capacity, reliability, and storage flexibility are built into these storage servers for enterprise and datacenters. Offering fast read/write speeds with NVME drives, as well as enterprise grade SATA and SAS drives in 2.5" and 3.5" form factors. These servers have built in scalability to meet data-intensive workloads.


Storage Dedicated Server Plans

Tailor made custom solution for you.

Increase your storage server size to best suit your needs.
Processor RAM Storage Expandable Frequency cpu benchmark Price
2x Intel Xeon E5620 64GB DDR3 4x4TB HDD 96TB HDD or 48TB SSD 8C/16T @2.4 GHz
$120/month+ $67 Setup Fee Configure
2x Intel Xeon E5-2620 32GB DDR3 4x4TB HDD 96TB HDD or 48TB SSD 12C/24T @2.0 GHz
$148/month+ $67 Setup Fee Configure
2x Intel Xeon E5 2650 64GB DDR3 4x4TB HDD 96TB HDD or 48TB SSD 16C/32T @2.0 GHz
$154/month+ $67 Setup Fee Configure
2x Intel Xeon E5-2650v3 128GB DDR4 4x4TB HDD 96TB HDD or 48TB SSD 20C/40T @2.3 GHz
$197/month+ $67 Setup Fee Configure
2x Intel Xeon Silver 4114 64GB DDR4 4x480GB SSD 48TB SSD 20C/40T @2.2 GHz
$338/month+ $67 Setup Fee Configure
2x Intel Xeon Silver 4214 64GB DDR4 4x480GB SSD 48TB SSD 24C/48T @2.2 GHz
$368/month+ $67 Setup Fee Configure
2x AMD EPYC 7401 32GB DDR4 4x4TB HDD 96TB HDD or 48TB SSD 48C/96T @2.0 GHz
$332/month+ $67 Setup Fee Configure


Full Control Over Powerful Hardware Get a high performance single tenant Bare Metal server.


Basic of dedicated server, prerequisite ingredient of your success.

Enterprise level server gives us the confidence to offer a 99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee SLA – Buy servers without worrying about server downtimes. Redundant UPS facilities, Modern early warning fire system in your service.

This feature allows you to have DDoS protection on the service being rented. Mitigation methods might vary depending on the location. DDoS attacks can threaten service performance or even shut down a service entirely.

When change remains only constant, we power our server with latest and upgraded technolgies from likes of AMD, Dell, HP and Intel. We take pride in getting you a Dedicated Server which perfectly fits your needs.


Advanced features for Advanced you. We compete to be in sync with your evolving needs.

We continue to believe in adapting ourselves to accomodate our customer expectations. OS preferences of our customer is strong priority. Infact we also install custom OS.

We value and respect your varied need. Who knows your requirement better than you? Offcourse you. Craft the server as per your needs with unrestricted root access.

Time is money and we will never stand in between. If quicker delivery is what cheers you, we take it on war footing level to get your server delivered.


You may need or may not need. We let the choice rest with you.

We provide you the freedom to own as many additional IPs as you like. Let not any restriction limit you.

Our chat support is available 24x7, and with our multilingual & technical chat support nothing goes wrong. We are also available on Skype.

Hardware RAID controller in order to manage the RAID independently from the host and presents to the host only a single disk per RAID array.

Difference between shared RDP, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers

RDP, VPS and Dedicated Servers have their own fan following. Although use case determines the suitability here are guides which could help you decide the right solution to your needs.

Shared rdp VPS Dedicated servers
Reserved RAM Shared Reserved Exclusively Reserved
Root access
OS Reinstallation
Performance Equatable shared Mid - High High
Scalability Limited High High
Security Mid High Very High
Configurability Highly Restricted Mostly Unrestricted Unrestricted
Dedicated IPs 1 (shared) 1 1
Additional IP ?


"Doubt destroyer" this is what we are fondly referred as by our beloved customers. Want to know why?



Are you still puzzled? Let our dedicated server specialists help you.

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It is practically next to impossible to answer all your questions in FAQs. We tried our very best to accommodate top ranking questions below. So feel free to connect with us if your question remains unaddressed.

Physical server that’s dedicated solely to you. Therefore, you’re given incredible flexibility over how you want to manage your hosting. You can configure your server as you wish, choose the operating system and software you want to use, and set up the whole hosting environment according to your own needs.

Because dedicated servers come with lots of advantages than your at home desktop/laptop. Storage servers work more efficiently wheter it is about storing multimedia or doing backup of your data.

Unlike Bitcoin which is now resource intensive(GPU and electricity), controlled by a small number of miners, Chia can be mined with the help of unused storage of your laptop, desktop, or corporate network.

  • Dedicated resources reserved for you
  • Freedom to upgraded your storage
  • Hand picked storage for higher TBW
  • Free hardware replacement
  • High reliability and security options

Customers enjoy the power of configuring servers fulfilling their requirements. And we need time to mobilise hard disks with higher TBW. So check the delivery status of your server here.

SSD and NVMe gives a competitive advantage and create the data faster but it totally depends on your use case.

No. It's true that we enable environment for cryptomining but our Germany servers are reserved to meet industry needs. We remain committed to cater to diversified clients. Hence, Chia mining is allowed on servers listed on this page only.

You can also use this server for your other needs. Check our "Terms of Services" for better clarity, briefly
  • Prohibited Actions -
    • The scanning of foreign networks or foreign IP addresses
    • Manually changing the hardware address (MAC)
    • The use of fake source IPs.
    • Child pornography (Adult porns are allowed)

    You may feel uncomfortable with Linux OS but by far it is much quicker in operation than Windows OS. For a huge reward at stake, you may wish to willingly learn a few things on Linux and farm like pro. However, the choice for OS rests with you. Select your preferred OS on the order page.

    Although we provide basic support for our clients which goes beyond issues related to Boot, Network, Hardware, Login and Re-installation of the OS, the dedicated servers are unmanaged and the client is responsible for their own operations. We remain committed for any hardware related issues.